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February is American Heart Month.  Are you focusing on your health? This goes so much deeper than just diet and exercise! What about the everyday products we are using or exposed to!? YES! Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, makeup, baby wash, toothpaste, and household cleaning supplies! These things are impacting our health in so many ways!


- that Europe has banned more than 1300 harmful chemicals from personal care products?! The U.S. has banned just 11?

- "Safe", "Organic" and "Natural does not mean your products do not contain any toxic chemicals?

- That your personal and home care products could contain ingredients hazardous to your health?

- According to the President's cancer panel only 10% of cancer is genetic and 90% is environmental?  That means you have the ability to control what is going into, and onto your body.

My passion is to help people LIVE TOXIC FREE. Small steps CAN make a big impact. I am happy to walk you & your friends through some preventive measures, and help you with a simple path to transition to toxic free living.  Let's chat!

✔️ Symptoms of a Heart Attack and Stroke  

Is ALUMINUM hiding in your NATURAL deodorant?

I used to think that "Crystal Deodorants" were the safe way to avoid aluminum in my deodorant (because who wants Alzheimer’s or cancer by putting toxins right by your lymph nodes?)  Turns out I was being “greenwashed” … the front says “no aluminum”, but if you look at the ingredients, there really is another form of aluminum in it… what?!

The full name for "Potassium Alum" is "Potassium ALUMINUM Sulfate".  

According to an article on Chemical of the Day “When you wet the deodorant stone, you're effectively putting aluminum in the most bioavailable form possible on your body's largest organ: your skin.”

This is why it truly is all about the ingredients and the rest is just marketing.  PLEASE look at your ingredients… if you need help deciphering what you’re using, or want a safe alternative, let me know.

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  • Our STICK DEODORANT has a fresh mint scent. Ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, baking soda, organic shea butter, organic peppermint essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil
  • Our SPRAY DEODORANT is formulated with enzymes and organic essential oils. Fresh lavender scent. Ingredients: organic aloe vera juice, bitter orange flower water, witch hazel extract, organic grape alcohol, organic vegetable enzymes, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil.
  • Our BABY POWDER can be used as a deodorant for those who perspire lightly or added to the spray deodorant.  Ingredients:  organic arrowroot powder & kaolin clay 


Now you can have strong, healthy, beautiful hair without harmful, damaging chemicals. Our exclusive formulas are designed to repair and restore, using the perfect combination of ingredients, including organic aloe and essential oils. Safe for color-treated hair. And safe for the environment, too. 
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These are my MUST HAVES when I'm teaching
✔️ Zenzoi non-toxic dry erase markers (no smell! 🙊 Found on Amazon),
✔️ Microfiber cloth erases most colors easily, and 
✔️ my Pure Haven Glass Cleaner 🌿 gets the rest without streaks/ghosting ~ bonus it smells heavenly 😍  with organic peppermint essential oil!

Glass Cleaner (Item #: 40040)

Mosquito bites made the areas on my arm swell up 😕  so using our 🌿 nontoxic moisturizing mask with kaolin clay and bentonite clay to detox the bites ~ also has aloe vera and CoQ10.  Good to know it's not just for face mask Friday! ❤️ product versatility!

moisturizing mask (#58060)

Love ❤️  how my face feels after using this moisturizing mask with kaolin clay and bentonite clay (so great to gently detox my skin) ~ also has aloe vera 🌿 and CoQ10.

moisturizing mask (#58060)

New Neem-O, a soothing nontoxic ointment for cuts & bug bites ~ it calms the hurt and soothes the itch, with no 🚫 toxic chemicals. The ingredients are a wonderful blend of natural healers found in 🌿 nature – including neem (an oil from the Neem Tree that has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties), Sea Buckthorn Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Jojoba and more, making it the perfect natural first aid. 

Neem-O (Item #: 43001)

Great testimonial using our ‪‎nontoxic‬ ‪‎safe cleaning product‬ Master Blaster! Made with all-natural ingredients, eco-friendly, and safe around kids and pets. This plant-based multi-enzyme formula works within minutes to break down stains and eliminate odors. It’s so versatile – and it smells citrusy good! Master Blaster (Item #: 40050)

Have you read most mascara and eyeliner labels?

Coal Tar Dyes, Fragrance, Formaldehyde, Parabens, BHA & BHT, Propylene Glycol, Retinyl Acetate, Aluminum Powder, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

We are thrilled to introduce safe, sensational, superior-quality Mascara and Eyeliner – formulated with all good ingredients and absolutely no harmful chemicals. Finally, even the most sensitive eyes can rest easy and look totally gorgeous! Our field testers have given both of these newbies an enthusiastic thumbs up. Read the positive reviews …

“The mascara was super easy to apply and goes on very smoothly; adds a very nice amount of color to each individual lash as it separates and lengthens.”

“I can’t believe the pop I was able to achieve with the eyeliner. My eyes are so sensitive that I have trouble finding something that doesn’t irritate them. Thank you for this awesome product!”

“Both work well, look natural, and don’t bother my eyes at all.”

“LOVED both the mascara and the eyeliner – they both lasted all day!”

You can expect long-lasting wear with no clumping, smudging, or flaking. Our new Mascara adds volume and lash definition from root to tip; and our new Eyeliner is so easy to use – create thin lines, or go thicker for a more dramatic look.

NEW Cheeky Bronzer! Create the perfect safe, shimmery, sun-kissed look without any harmful chemicals! Can also be used as an eye-shadow!

Tinted Moisturizers! Grab one of these 4 awesome shades that'll suit almost any skin tone! Ivory, Beige, Tan, and Mocha

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