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Is ALUMINUM hiding in your NATURAL deodorant?

I used to think that "Crystal Deodorants" were the safe way to avoid aluminum in my deodorant (because who wants Alzheimer’s or cancer by putting toxins right by your lymph nodes?)  Turns out I was being “greenwashed” … the front says “no aluminum”, but if you look at the ingredients, there really is another form of aluminum in it… what?!

The full name for "Potassium Alum" is "Potassium ALUMINUM Sulfate".  

According to an article on Chemical of the Day “When you wet the deodorant stone, you're effectively putting aluminum in the most bioavailable form possible on your body's largest organ: your skin.”

This is why it truly is all about the ingredients and the rest is just marketing.  PLEASE look at your ingredients… if you need help deciphering what you’re using, or want a safe alternative, let me know.

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  • Our STICK DEODORANT has a fresh mint scent. Ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic beeswax, baking soda, organic shea butter, organic peppermint essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil
  • Our SPRAY DEODORANT is formulated with enzymes and organic essential oils. Fresh lavender scent. Ingredients: organic aloe vera juice, bitter orange flower water, witch hazel extract, organic grape alcohol, organic vegetable enzymes, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil.
  • Our BABY POWDER can be used as a deodorant for those who perspire lightly or added to the spray deodorant.  Ingredients:  organic arrowroot powder & kaolin clay 

Cocamidopropyl Betaine / Coco-Betaine 
(“coconut-based cleanser”)

Sounds like this wouldn't be a problem, right?
  • This chemical is known to cause irritation of the skin, eyes, and lungs.   
  • General prolonged skin exposure may cause dermatitis through removal of skin oils.
  • It is also suspected to be harmful to the environment. 
  • Under high temperatures and acidic conditions, it can also produce nitrosamines (carcinogenic compounds).

The American Contact Dermatitis Society named cocamidylpropyl betaine Allergen of the Year in 2004. 

This is found in baby wash, shampoo, face cleansers, moisturizers, acne scrubs, baby wipes...

Don't be fooled by#greenwashing packaging with leaves 🌿 , flowers 🌸 or trees 🌳 or by#pinkwashing ribbons 😠  I can help you learn which #ingredientstoavoid 

I THOUGHT I was reading labels carefully & buying “clean” products ("natural", "organic", etc.). Finding out that I was taken in by clever marketing, and not only wasting my money, but adding harmful toxins to my body made me angry!  You shouldn't need a degree in chemistry to read your product labels!

Let me know how I can help you!
I HIGHLY recommend seeing this movie (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) AND it's now FREE to watch!

“Stink!” opens with a foul smell and a pair of kids pajamas. And a single father trying to find out what that smell could possibly be. But instead of getting a straight answer, director Jon Whelan stumbles on an even bigger issue in America, which is that some products on our store shelves are not safe -- by design.
Fragrance is everywhere and it's hiding toxic chemicals. Check your labels ~ even "green" 🌿 companies! 

@healthy_child says, "And it’s not only where you think it is, like perfume, body cream, and candles. It’s in diapers, toothpaste, even baby dolls and orange juice!" 

@womensvoices says, "The term “fragrance” can be a mixture of up to 100 different chemicals, out of more than 3,000 commonly-used fragrance chemicals! Chemicals of concern in fragrance are linked to allergies, cancer, birth defects, and infertility."   

Because it's classified as a "trade secret" companies DO NOT have to disclose what's included ~ even if your child goes into anaphylactic shock triggered by their product as seen in the move "Stink"!  I can help you choose fragrance-free non-toxic products. 

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Have you read most mascara and eyeliner labels?

Coal Tar Dyes, Fragrance, Formaldehyde, Parabens, BHA & BHT, Propylene Glycol, Retinyl Acetate, Aluminum Powder, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

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“I can’t believe the pop I was able to achieve with the eyeliner. My eyes are so sensitive that I have trouble finding something that doesn’t irritate them. Thank you for this awesome product!”

“Both work well, look natural, and don’t bother my eyes at all.”

“LOVED both the mascara and the eyeliner – they both lasted all day!”

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“Carrageenan exposure clearly causes inflammation; the amount of carrageenan in food products is sufficient to cause inflammation; and degraded carrageenan and food-grade carrageenan are both harmful,” In fact, the medical community has long recognized that inflammation is associated with more than 100 human diseases, including inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and arteriosclerosis. Inflammation is also linked to cancer.   

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I saw this in a grocery store restroom ~ What would you do?
  • I don't like option A
  • I'm thinking about option B
  • Option C seems a bit impractical
  • I'm thinking about option D too ~ I just started carrying our "Hands on the Go" since it will clean my hands without toxic chemicals